bigstock-Pregnant-women-outdoors-in-cou-340322001. Baby Gear Consulting
2. Baby Registry Assistance
3. Timeline Planning
4. Baby Showers and Other Parties
5. Mommy Spa Parties
6. Green Baby Consulting
7. Personal Shopping
8. Completing the Layette
9. Nursery Preparation
10. Preparing for Multiples
11. Adoption Services
12. Preparing the Grandparents
13. Maternity Wardrobe Consulting
14. Hospital Preparation
15. Outings With Baby
16. Establishing a Routine
17. Returning to Work
18. New Parent Hot-line
19. Daddy Duty
20. Car Seat Inspection and Installation
21. Child Proofing
22. Personal Chef
23. Errand Services
24. Estate Planning
25. Maternity and Infant Photography
26. Exercise Classes for New and Expectant Moms
27. Personal Trainer


Baby Gear Consulting
There is no one size fits all list that will work for every family.  We can help you sort through the many options and learn what to look for in terms of safety and features, so that you can choose your baby gear with confidence.  

Baby Registry Assistance
Make sure that the gifts you receive are things that you actually need.  We can tailor a registry to your specific needs and lifestyle.

Timeline Planning
There is so much to do to get ready for a new baby, and it can all seem so overwhelming!  Let us help you know when things need to be done and manage your “to do list” for you, so that you can concentrate on taking care of yourself and your new little one.

Baby Showers and Other Parties
You and your baby deserve to be celebrated in style.  From an intimate luncheon with your closest friends, to a formal affair at your favorite club, let us plan the party of your dreams!  We can even do a party just for Dad or the Grands!

Mommy Spa Parties
Pamper the Mom-to-be with one of our spa parties.

Green Baby Consulting
From foods, to cleaning products, to our décor, toxins are a part of our environment.  We can help you identify the risks and find solutions.  Whether you are looking for a green nursery or a new way of life, we can help you create a plan.

Personal Shopping
Relax and enjoy your pregnancy, while we purchase the items that you still need.

Completing the Layette
Do you really need 15 pink dresses in size 0-3 months?  After your baby shower, let us help you complete your baby’s layette.  We can make sure your baby has all of the clothes and accessories that he/she needs.

Nursery Preparation
We can organize and stock your nursery so that everything is in its place when you bring that sweet baby home.

Preparing for Multiples
Surprise!  Preparing for multiple babies is so exciting, but it presents a different set of challenges.  We can help you prepare for this balancing act.  Whether you need the best baby gear, breastfeeding support or bed rest services, we are here for you!

Adoption Services
Regardless of how a new baby comes to your family, many of the needs are the same.  We can get everything ready for your new baby, so you can just enjoy the new little miracle in your life.

Preparing the Grandparents
Grandparents enrich our children’s lives in a myriad of ways.  But many things have changed since they had their kids, and you have your own parenting ideas.  We can help bridge the generations, as well as offering practical help such as setting up a mini nursery or using a car seat.

Maternity Wardrobe Consulting
It is unnecessary to buy a completely new wardrobe when you are pregnant.   Our Fortune 500 Consultant can help you maintain your standards without breaking the bank.

Hospital Preparation
Know what questions to ask before you take the hospital tour.  Know what you really need to pack for the hospital.  Find a photographer.  Learn how to care for your newborn.  We can help you with all of this, as well as providing support for Mom and Dad. Contact The Stork’s Accomplice and let’s discuss your options.

Outings With Baby
Fitting your baby into your daily routine takes a little getting used to, but its not as difficult as you might expect.  We show you how to pack your diaper bag and plan for a quick trip to the market or a full day of errands.

Establishing a Routine
Having a routine helps give your child a sense of security and comfort.  Learn how to work with your baby’s internal rhythm and needs to establish a schedule that works for you.

Returning to Work
From childcare to feeding arrangements, we can help you sort out the logistics of going back to work, as well as providing emotional support as you go through this transition.

New Parent Hot-line
This service is available for the first few weeks after your baby’s birth.  We are here to offer support and answer your questions.

Daddy Duty
It may seem like all the books and resources out there are geared for moms, but don’t fret!  We offer Dads Only classes to help you feel confident in caring for your little bundle of joy.  You can also request a home visit, where we will work with you and your baby one-on-one.  You will be a pro in no time.

bigstock-baby-room-with-crib-and-toys-9831812Car Seat Inspection and Installation
Over 75% of all car seats are either the wrong seat for the child, incompatible with the vehicle or installed incorrectly.  Drive confidently with the help of our National Child Passenger Safety certified car seat expert.  Our expert can help you pick the right car seat, perform a car seat fitting, and train all caregivers (Mom, Dad, grandparents and the nanny) to install and use the car seat properly every time it is installed.

Child Proofing
Our child proofing professional can assist in preparing a safe and healthy environment for your child as they live, play and grow.  Our expert will conduct a thorough home safety inspection to help you identify the hazards that exist, develop a family safety plan and install any necessary hardware that will help you protect your child.

Personal Chef
Are you on bed rest?  Are you overwhelmed with a new baby in the house?  Do you just need time to recuperate?  Let one of our licensed and certified personal chefs handle dinner preparations for the week!

Errand Services
Whether you are on bed rest or recuperating from delivery, our errand service providers can help pick up the slack.  From dropping off dry cleaning to picking a few things up at the store, we are here for you.  Just let us know how we can help.

Estate Planning
An Estate Plan (will, advance directive for healthcare and power of attorney) is a set of essential documents for a growing family.  Planning for a new family member is one of the most exciting times in your life.  Taking the time to have these documents prepared now will give you peace of mind that you have put a system in place to protect those most precious to you, during some of life’s most difficult times.  We will be glad to connect you with a knowledgeable attorney in the practice of Estate Planning.  This is a free referral to all of our clients.

Maternity and Infant Photography
Families come in many shapes and sizes, as do photographers.  There are many things to consider when you choose a photographer to preserve your precious memories.  Do you want your pictures shot on location or in a studio?  Do you want black and white or color, candid or formal?  What style do you prefer?  We have partnered with several excellent photographers and created various package deals to meet your family’s needs.

Exercise Classes for New and Expectant Moms
When you are cleared by your physician for exercise, a class is usually the best option.  In addition to improving your fitness level, you will meet other new moms, bond with your baby, or learn more about the changes taking place in your body, the development of your baby and the new emotions that go with it all.  Whether you enjoy yoga, water aerobics, Pilates or a good stroller workout, we can help you find the class that works best for you.  All instructors are certified in pre/postnatal fitness.

Personal Trainer
While we acknowledge the benefits of exercise classes for new and expectant moms, we also realize that some of our clients prefer a workout in their own homes, on their own schedules, or at higher intensity levels.  We have access to a network of personal trainers who are certified in pre/postnatal fitness.  Let us help you find a trainer to meet your personal requirements.

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