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Regular exercise during pregnancy can reduce the risk of excess weight gain, back pain, and may make delivery easier.

Ignyte Global Body Movement offers an alternative to Yoga that combines Stretching, Cardio and Pilates with Biblical Declarations to help strengthen your mind and spirit.

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Fit Pregnancy Programs Open October 1, 2019.
**Please consult your physician before starting any exercise program.
Scentsy Buddy® and Scentsy Baby Buddy®

770-845-6803 (Tony or Lisa)

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Buy one Scentsy Buddy/Baby Buddy and Pak™, receive a second Scent Pak for 1/2 off. 

The Scentsy Buddy/Baby Buddy is the perfect cuddly companion.  Each Buddy holds a comforting Scent Pak inside a secure zipper pouch.

Customized Baby Preparation

Just as no pregnancy is the same, every preparation is different. That’s why we customize our services for every family situation. From private consultations to group classes, The Stork’s Accomplice is here to help you prepare in every way for your new arrival. 


What Does A Baby Concierge Do?


There are a million things to do to get ready for a baby. A baby concierge helps you plan and get it all done.


 Having a baby means dealing with lots of stressors. If this is your first, it’s great to have a voice of experience by your side.


There’s a lot to learn when it comes to taking care of a baby. We can help you go into the experience with confidence. 

Post Partum Help

Baby concierge services aren’t just about planning. We’ll help after delivery as well. The “to-do” list doesn’t get shorter!


What Our Mothers Say 

“Carol and her team helped me prepare for my baby and for several weeks after. She was an absolute Godsend!”

Susan Laminetti

“The doctor put me on 6 weeks of bed rest. There was just no way to get ready for this baby without the Stork’s Accomplice. I am so grateful for all their help!”

Helena Huston

“My parents live across the country, so they hired The Stork’s Accomplice to help us prepare. It was the best gift anyone gave us!”

Isabella Campbell

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